We invest a lot of time and knowledge in the development of new firearms in our company. For such a good response to the REX zero 1 gun, we received confirmation that we are doing good, quality and now also a world recognized firearms. That's why we decided and developed a new sport pistol REX alpha. We developed it on the basis of the REX zero 1 gun model to make it even more suitable for sports shooters.


In order to make the name REX firearms even more penetrated into the world, we have also made a lot of efforts in marketing. We work daily on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. Your inquiry on our products is steadily increasing, and we are working hard to make our products as quick and quality as possible and deliver them to you.


Our vision is to work as good or even better products that the whole world will know. That's why we will work hard and develop further for you and your needs in the field of weapons. Your opinions are taken into account in the further development and work to make the products even better.

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